Different Types of Garbage Bags

Organizing your home or office is a tough task especially when you dealing with litters, wastes, garbage etc. as these are unhygienic. Garbage bags are the solution for this. Yes, garbage bags might appear to appear very simple but imagine the world without them –grime is in chaos, homes would smell stinky, litters cluttered anywhere, and garbage cans are cluttered.

Nowadays, it's very convenient to organize any litter, while it is biodegradable, non-biodegradable or recyclable. It is also quite useful to have trash liners fitted to each dimension of waste bins in order not to encircle the insides of the bins straight with all the garbage. It provides less dirt, less odor, and keeps the bins clean.

Even though a trash bag might seem to look exactly the exact same for most people, there are three major types of it which brings a variety because of its own uses.

Different Types of Garbage Bags

Here are the three kinds of garbage bags:


Biodegradable garbage bags are made from biodegradable "polythene movie". This makes the vinyl decompose into carbon dioxide and water when exposed to air, sunlight, moisture, and germs, but not readily in a sealed landfill.

Another is oxo-biodegradable or even a plastic made of "polyolefin". This may hold organic waste substances which can be managed straight into the property plant. This can produce high-quality compost that is chiefly utilized by growers and farmers.

Low Density

Even though they do not hold as much weight as high-density trash bags, they are considerably stretchable and may make larger space for contents which need to be tightly tied, such as shredded papers.

High Density

HHigh-Density trash bags have extraordinary strength and durability that are best for carrying heavy materials. They are thicker than Low Density crap bags and characteristics better puncture resistance for increased load capacity.