Simple Guide To Getting a Crown on

For many followers of, a crown is the holy grail. only reward them with the best of the best. The crowns are the true influences of

But how to get a crown in is not entirely clear. They appear secretly packaged and rarely mentioned in the official sections of the site.

musically followers

In fact, the only mention of garlands in the FAQ section of musically followers is when they tell you to ignore any site that offers easy ways to earn a wreath. advises its followers not to be fooled by one of the sites that offers tips and tricks in a simple way to get a crown. They warn that these sites are traps designed to extract their personal data.

It is true that most of the search results of "How to get a crown in" really lead to websites and apps that sound the same way, offering easy ways to fool a crown into However, you can not say that you have not been warned.

How to get a crown in What is a crown in

A (previous) version of a support page from stated that "Give crowns" is the system we are currently using to establish the authenticity of profiles of key people in Although we crown famous users in the app, we also assign crowns for other reasons. "

From this we can deduce that grants crowns to its best users. They use a range of criteria that vary depending on the situation. In simple terms, they give crowns to people they consider influential.

Added to his statement, "create high quality content and actively participate with followers and others in the community are the best ways to increase your chances of being crowned."

Certainly, most of the superstars that we have featured in the Top 20 Influencers who have created small media empires for them proudly display crowns from the top of their profile portraits.

How can you become a superstar who wins the crown in

Forget the fraudulent websites that offer easy ways to get a crown. The only way to win a crown in is to be good, very good. The exact numerical criteria may not be fulfilled, but compensates for the quality of the rewards.

So what can you do to improve the quality of your account?

1. Create a quality account where you play according to your strength

Only superstars win crowns. Therefore, you must create your account up to superstar status.

For starters, you can not interact randomly in You will never gain much support by posting a random video whenever you want.

The fandom works in a very similar way to YouTube subscribers and fans of popular blogs. People navigate to entertaining or interested content. They are not interested in banal, boring and everyday material.

If you're like the average teenager (called muser), you'll probably want to download some videos in which you sync lips with your favorite artist. Some of your friends will be interested, but that's what your lip sync videos notice. It is even likely that you spend more time watching videos uploaded by known people, because you find them fun.

If you want to have a crown, you have to be one of the best known artists with fun and quality videos.

There has been a significant change in in recent years. This no longer depends solely on the people who download music videos. Now, people are downloading a full range of video types, almost the same as YouTube.

This means that you can always become a musical star, even if you can not sing a note or dance a step. You simply need to build a reputation for another type of video, something about what is skillful or knowledgeable.

2. Make high quality videos

The better your videos are and the more you interact with your fans, the more popular your videos will be.

The average muser takes a quick video using his smartphone and charging. She does not really think about the quality of the video. She is filming and charging.

But if you want to stand out, you have to work to improve your video values. Okay, you can not be the next Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson, but it would be helpful if you're looking for a prize.