Milling Machine Strategies to Keep Your Rotary Cutter Sharp

Cutting mats and rotary cutters come together when working with any arts and crafts projects and also for embroidery or quilting. This is exactly why we can’t stress enough the benefits of taking care of one’s crafting tools.

The majority of these tools may be very easily obtained just about anywhere but by carrying out some simple maintenance you can definitely help them to be maintained longer.

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Simply by following these techniques below you’re able to save quite a lot of cash in the future from having to acquire new rotary blades each time they need replacing. Furthermore, it is going to save you from this infuriating experience of owning a dull blade only when you actually need it the most.

Work with a self healing cutting mat As mentioned previously, a cutting mat and rotary cutter goes together in numerous crafting projects. This really is why you must be certain to definitely use a cutting mat or if possible a self healing cutting mat for those undertakings.

Clean your cutter often – Be sure that you thoroughly wash your rotary cutter every after usage. To begin this fast pull out the screw found exactly where the blade is connected. Shortly after taking out the first screw, readily take out the nut, the curled washer and the other screw in addition to the blade protector.