All About Japanese Cuisine

Japanese are famous for their culture and their traditional food. Food fans, chefs or some other restaurant owner is familiar with their cuisine.

Some of the Japanese cuisines which are famous locally and outside the country include sushi, sashimi, tempura, and buckwheat noodles.  These delicacies are mainly based on a combination of the staple food, usually steamed rice, using a range of side and main dishes.

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When it comes to serving the dishes, the Japanese serve their meals in a manner that contrasts greatly with the other states where large sauce pans, pots and plates positioned at the center of the table. On the other hand, Japanese cuisines are served in a special style. Rice is served only in a small bowl along with the side dish is served in a different plate or bowl.

Well, everyone uses their own bowls. According to tradition, distinct dishes aren’t supposed to be in touch with one another and that’s the reason each dish has been served in its own plate. Alternately, the dishes are partitioned using leaves. A great example is in the preparation of”tamagoyaki” in which the eggs and the fish are split carefully. In the olden times, every meal would be attracted in serving trays and it’s common to observe the faldstool trays in use.

Traditional Japanese food is distinguished by the infrequent use of meat, fats and oils, and dairy products. Using the soy sauce contributes to a high content of mineral salts in many of their traditional dishes. The consumption of beef comes from the fact that Japan is an island and its citizens have always taken advantage of the abundant seafood supply.

Japanese diet consists mainly of vegetables, grains and seaweeds. Red meat, on the other hand, is uncommon in Japanese foods. From the preparation of Japanese foods, fat is used in tiny proportions and the food is normally flavored with additives such as: soy sauce, sake and mirin, vinegar, salt and sugar.