All About Drills Machines

The purpose of drill is to increase stride frequency and enhance knee lift when you’re opting for the pace. Bum Kicks is somehow the same with high knee running, but this is more focus on hamstrings.

Start it somehow enjoy the high knee and gradually make the jogging quicker. Allow the heel literally reach bum. Keep this for about 20m.

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DRILL 3 – Pull Through

With  this drill, you might get your leg in right place to make your stride stronger, to power the stride length.

This differs with the two drills that mentioned ahead, it need to place legs touched the ground powerfully. This can be achieved by placing gravity center. When foot touch the floor, push toes and swing the other leg forward and replicate this for approximately 12 times.

DRILL 4 – Bounding

Bounding helps you build legs and make it more powerful, then increase stride length.

Start it using slow jog – lift legs up and forward bounding. Continue it with a different leg. To make this action stability, you’d better keep head up and push arms together, this can combine entire body together.