Overview of The Salehoo Wholesale Directory

With about 8,000 wholesalers and drop shippers listed, many eBay sellers use Salehoo to find new suppliers for their businesses – but is Salehoo the best source of wholesale products?  Are there larger or cheaper alternatives to Salehoo?

Salehoo Overview

As I mentioned in the introduction to this post, Salehoo is a directory of about 8,000 suppliers – which range from drop-shippers to wholesalers to large scale manufacturers.

All of the suppliers in the Salehoo directory are screened before being added and are certified as legitimate.  That's the key reason many people join a directory – that and the fact that there are so many suppliers in one place that it's easy to find and compare them.

The Alternatives to Salehoo

The other wholesaler directory that many eBay sellers use is Worldwide Brands – which has about the same number of suppliers but many more products than Salehoo.  Worldwide Brands lists around 16 million wholesale products from their certified suppliers.

Two popular alternatives to both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are sites like DHGate and Ali Express.  These are free to join and have millions of products and suppliers – but they are not certified, so there is more risk buying from them.

Both Ali Express and DHGate are marketplaces for Chinese wholesalers, and so the prices are very low – but shipping is slow as well.

Salehoo is cheaper than Worldwide Brands (which costs $299) but more international and risk free than buying from DHGate or Ali Express.  For many eBay sellers it's a useful tool, but is by no means essential to setting up an online store.